Champagne and special occasions go hand in hand, but cork missiles and overflowing fizz can dampen the moment. If you’re called upon to launch the festivities by popping open a bottle of champagne, be it a birthday, anniversary or New Years Eve, here’s how to pull it off with aplomb.

1. Pull away the rip tab and remove the foil top. Fold out the twisted loop, but do not untwist.

2. Holding your thumb firmly over the cork, untwist the wire loop, ensuring the bottle is pointed away from you (and other people). Do not remove the wire cage.

3. Tilt the bottle 45 degrees; make a fist around the cork, holding the base of the bottle with your other hand. Slowly twist the bottle away from the cork until the cork eases out.

4. Cradling the neck with one hand and holding the dimple at the base of the bottle with your other hand for control, pour a small amount into the bottom of each glass, then fill each glass two-thirds full. This process will prevent the Champagne from foaming over.