If you want to make some extra cash – maybe to fund that kitchen renovation you’ve been dreaming of – then look no further than your own home. If you have spare storage space, a car spot or even a car that you don’t often use, you could make quite a bit of extra cash from these things each year.

While Airbnb is a fabulous way to make money from your home, it’s not for everyone.

Say hello to new websites, like , that promise the host can earn extra income of “up to $4,200 a year”.

If you have an unused car, a spare car space, a loft, an empty basement or even a vacant block of land, you could be sitting on a goldmine without even knowing it.

Instead of people using traditional storage or car-sharing companies, these new kids on the block suggest that customers could be saving serious cash by utilising unused storage space and cars in their neighbourhood. And you could be making money from this new trend by offering up your spaces – or car – for hire.

One of the big benefits for people looking for these things is location – a customer can search for storage or a car in their local area instead of having to trek out of their way to find what they need.

Here’s how you can be making money from this new trend for very little effort.

1. If you extra storage space at home that you could rent out

 is a website that allows you to register for free and use their space calculator to determine a fair price for renting out your garage, shed, basement, attic, yard, block of land, spare bedroom or storage cage.

Renters might choose to store boxes, caravans, machinery, cars, boats, sports equipment – anything goes, so long as you’re happy with the booking.

Add pictures and a description and start receiving inquiries for your space. All of the bookings take place online, so it’s super convenient for both parties. Time to clear out the loft and start making some cash!

With more than 100,000 Aussies on their books, Spacer offers peace of mind with many testimonials on their website.

2. If you have a spare parking spot

Got an unused garage, parking spot, rooftop or mooring that could be rented out for someone’s car, scooter, boat or helicopter (yes, that’s one of the options)? is a global parking app that allows you to rent out your space via a hassle-free online setup.

If you live in a desirable location such as near a train station, airport, university, hospital, jetty or beach you could be using a website like Kerb to make money from a space that would otherwise just be sitting empty.

Even if you don’t think you live somewhere that would be on the “hot” list, there may still be people that will pay to park there if it’s near their office, or helps make their commute or school drop off a little easier.

It’s free to set up an account, and you always have the final say about whether to accept a booking. With more than 300 cities worldwide on their books, it seems like the daily battle for parking spaces could be easing at last.

3. If you have a car that’s not being used

Got a second car that doesn’t get used often? Do you get the train to work and leave your car sitting at home through the week? Or do you drive into the city centre and park your car all day in your office parking lot? You could be making money with .

This website calls itself “neighbour to neighbour car sharing” and it’s perfect for someone who might need a short-term loan of a roomy car for a camping trip, a car to pick up a friend from the airport, or a van to help them move house.

You can rent your car out by the hour or the day, and the website suggests earnings of up to $7,000 a year. They even offer insurance and roadside assistance to the renter.

You don’t need to be around to exchange keys either – they’ve got a secure system for leaving the keys for the renter either on or near the car so you can just sit back and count your earnings. Beep beep!