Growing your own produce is a most fulfilling activity but, sadly, not everyone has access to space that is suitable. Fear not, for a humble windowsill can be turned into a wealth of health and nutrients by growing a few simple plants that can supply you with fresh, succulent leaves – snip off a handful or two whenever you fancy. All you need to get you going is some good-quality compost, a variety of salad seeds and a suitable container.

You will need:

  • Pebbles or a few pieces of broken crockery
  • A rectangular plant pot with a tray
  • Compost – potting compost is fine
  • Seeds – varieties of the cut-and-come-again type are ideal

Prepare your pots


Place your pebbles or broken crockery into the base of your pot and then cover with the compost.

Prepare the soil


Moisten the soil and allow it to settle, topping it up it as necessary.



Sow the seeds in lines along the length of the pot. Cover them lightly with compost.



Place on a sunny windowsill and water regularly to keep the soil moist.



Once germinated, you may need to thin the seedlings. If using the cut-and-come-again varieties of salad leaves, you can grow them much closer together as you will be cutting the young leaves. It is possible to get at least four cuts from some plants, but when the growth has slowed, remove the plants, refresh the compost and sow more seeds. This way, you will have a constant supply of delicious, healthy salad.

Forgotten Ways for Modern Days by Rachelle Blondel

Extract from , Published by Kyle Books. RRP $29.95 | Photography by Catherine Gratwicke

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