Make keeping your home tidy a breeze with these ultimate organising tips. 

1. Store sheet sets neatly by folding the fitted and flat sheets and one pillowcase into a square and then popping them into the remaining pillowcase to fill approximately half of it. Fold pillowcase over. It’s then easy to recognise the set by the outside pillowcase.

2. In areas where there are lots of wiring, such as home entertainment centres and offices, label electrical cords at the powerpoint so you can tell which appliance you’re unplugging.

3. Use a shoe organiser that’s made to hang on the back of doors for storing charging cables, such as mobile phone, camera or MP3 player.

4. Dividers made for kitchen drawers, particularly systems which allow you to buy individual pieces that stack as well as sit side by side, work equally well in the bathroom for organising make-up.

5. Pretty vintage toast racks are just the right size for envelopes. Keep mail in one until you’re ready to deal with it, or use for holding bills.

6. Keep a paper or plastic bag in the boot of the car and as you come across any clothes you no longer want or need pop them in the bag. When the bag’s full, it’s ready to be dropped off at a charity bin.

7. To store Christmas tree lights, wrap them around an empty paper roll – one from wrapping paper is perfect. Cut a notch at one end of the roll and tuck the end of the string of lights into it. Then roll the lights round the tube working slowly along its length. When you come to the end make another notch and tuck the end into it.

8. To keep track of product manuals and warranties, place them straight into clear plastic wallets in a ringbinder folder. This way they’ll be together if you ever have to claim or need to refer to the instructions.

9. To stop your Christmas ornaments tangling between use, cut ridges on the sides of pieces of cardboard (cereal boxes are great for this) and hang the decorations over them before packing them away in boxes.

10. Hang a shopping list pad on the inside of your pantry or food cupboard door and fill in whenever you run out of a product.

11. Use a different-coloured washing basket for each of your children’s laundry to make putting clothes away fast and efficient.

12. To stop leftovers and perishables going off in your fridge, dedicate a shelf at eye-level for the things that need to be used first so they don’t get lost among other foods.

13. To save space, transfer all your DVDs into large CD wallets.

14. Store heavy appliances, such as mixers, juicers and food processors on sturdy trays so they can easily slide from the back of a shelf to the front and be lifted out.