Start with a day bed, hammock or beanbag, then pile it up with soft quilts and pillows. Find a shaded corner and equip yourself with books, magazines, food and drink, then simply lie back and enjoy the tranquillity.

As dusk falls, light candles to evoke a feeling of romance and share your space with someone special.

Protect yourself

The only drawback to the romance of sleeping outdoors is the bugs. As well as using a mosquito net, apply a repellent such as Avon’s Skin-So-Soft Bug Guard Insect Repellent, $14.99. It’s a non-greasy lotion that fends off mozzies, ticks and sandflies, as well as containing an SPF 30 sunscreen.

Take it outdoors

Make someone’s day by creating a special outdoor space for them. Strew a path of rose petals then lead your partner along it to a day bed surrounded by lanterns and laden with champagne and strawberries. Build a teepee for children on the edge of the Amazon (a paddling pool can stand in here), surrounded by ferocious animals from their toy box. Or simply invite friends over to relax on mattresses and hammocks, with snacks, drinks, magazines and a bit of gossip.

Afternoon napping

‘Siesta’ is a Spanish word, derived from the Latin [hora] sexta, meaning the sixth hour (counting from dawn, thus a midday rest). Drowsiness in the afternoon isn’t due to eating a heavy lunch, but to your internal body clock. This causes you to experience a loss of alertness and a decrease in body temperature around midday, making you sleepy. Similar symptoms occur at night during the first stage of sleep. A quick siesta can satisfy your body’s desire for sleep, making you feel more alert upon waking. So take a nap.

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