Yes, you read that correctly! have just released a new wellness collection and we are just a little but obsessed with almost everything in the 31-piece range.

Complete with items in cotton, rattan, pine and linen, the collection named Hjärtelig is perfect for those who want a relaxed, peaceful, natural and happy vibe at home.

“With the Hjärtelig collection, we wanted to help more people embrace those moments where they can focus, relax and revitalise. In designing this collection, we hope to encourage people to press the ‘pause’ button, if only for a little while, in a life that’s often hectic, complicated and connected,” Ikea designer Andreas Fredriksson said.

Our faves, if we had to choose just a few pieces, include the rattan headboard, the daybed-come-couch and seat the doubles as a sideboard – all which pay homage to Ikea’s archetypal Scandi design.