Try these simple steps to help update a tired bathroom:


Freshening up your bathroom can be as simple as donning some rubber gloves and giving it a seriously good scrub. Mould and scum accumulate over time; taking the time to eradicate them is the first step to a sparkling bathroom.


Coloured tiles can date a bathroom quickly. Giving your old tiles a coat of fresh white paint is an inexpensive way to lighten up the whole room.

Reduce clutter

Reduce bathroom clutter by investing in some simple drawers then give the room a lift with new towels and pretty bowls. Our tumbler and bowls are made from rubber – ideal for a kids’ bathroom. Find something similar at .

Update a focal point

Updating one major component of your bathroom can lift its whole look. First, work out where your focal point lies – bath, shower or basin. Then invest in a replacement that will take pride of place yet still work with the overall room.

Be water wise

  • Installing a shower-head with an AAA rating will save around 10 litres of water a minute. They come in a variety of styles and are designed to conserve water without compromising comfort.
  • Mixer taps offer greater temperature control and thus water savings. They enable the desired temperature to be reached swiftly, cutting down on the amount of water wasted while waiting for it to heat up or cool down.
  • For the truly dedicated, a bucket can be used to catch unused running water, for later use on plants.


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