From choosing the perfect paint hue to sourcing complementary furniture and hanging artwork, there are a lot of decisions to be made when creating your dream space. With so many decorating choices to consider, it’s understandable if you don’t master everything the first time around. However, according to the professionals, there are some things that can — and should — be avoided at all costs. We called upon Australia’s most talented interior experts to share the design mistakes they always notice and how to fix them so that we can avoid them for good.

1. Mr Jason Grant, Stylist and Author

The mistake: Using rugs that are too small for a space.

The fix: “Rugs are an investment piece so it’s always best to invest in the biggest rug you can afford. A rug which is too small ruins the proportions of a space and makes other furniture look awkward. Rugs are a great way of creating zones and setting the tone of a space and a bigger rug will make all the difference.”

Photography: Lauren Bamford from Modern Retro Home by Jason Grant.

2. Emma Blomfield, Interior Stylist

The mistake: Hanging artwork too high on a wall.

The fix: “The best way to avoid this is to centre your artwork to the average eye level height (160cm). That way it’ll be in proportion to the wall and is the most pleasing level to look at whilst moving through the room (without craning your neck up to the ceiling to admire your artwork!).”

3. Greg Natale, Designer

Mistake: Incorrect scaling of furniture and furnishings.

The fix: “No one is immune to this one — even professional designers from time to time! But it is something that is avoidable. Double check your inches and centimetres, never forget your tape or laser measure and consider the space from every angle – how you’ll navigate the room, sight lines and the size of furnishings — right down to the height of lampshades from the floor. Considering all these details in the planning and sourcing process will save you a lot of running around later!”

Photography: Anson Smart

4. Juliet Love, Interior Stylist and founder of Love Style

Mistake: Overcrowding rooms with too many items.

The fix: “A room bursting with too much furniture and too many decorative items is confusing to the eye. By not over-filling a space you allow one or two features to shine as the focal points.”

5. Jono Fleming, Style Editor of Inside Out

The mistake: Decorating with an undersized rug.

The fix: “When your furniture sits off a rug, it can make the room feel smaller, a larger rug will help define the space and can also add some much-needed personality to a room. If price is a concern, flat weave rugs can often come in larger sizes for less cost, just remember, when it comes to rugs, go big and go bold!”

Photography: Maree Homer | Styling: Sarah Ellison