•  vintage linen tea towels or fabric scraps
  •  polyester fibre stuffing
  • string or narrow ribbon
  •  paper and pencil for template
  •  sewing thread and sewing supplies

Cut template and fabric

Draw a star shape about 8cm high and cut out a template from paper. Pin the template to a double layer of fabric (such as vintage linen tea towels) and cut out the star shapes, cutting 5mm outside the edge of the template for a seam allowance.

Sew and stuff

Place the star shapes with wrong sides together, pin and sew a 5mm seam around the edge, leaving a small gap for stuffing. Don’t turn the star inside out, simply fill it with polyester fibre stuffing, using the point of a pencil or a chopstick to make sure it gets right into the points of the star. Continue sewing to close the gap. Tip: Add some dried orange peel, cloves and crushed cinnamon sticks to the stuffing for a subtle Christmas scent.

Finish and hang

Hand sew a loop of string or narrow ribbon to the top of each star so that you can hang them as ornaments.