Jacqueline Fink of sells these decorative pads, which she makes by creating a long chain from unspun wool, felting the chain and then coiling and stitching it. Jacqui kindly agreed to share her project in this simpler version that we have adapted.

You will need

2–3kg 20mm hard crafting yarn
4–5m 5mm hard crafting yarn
matching sewing thread and needle (optional)
masking tape (optional)

To make

Step 1.
Make a loop in the end of the 20mm yarn, either using a slipknot or by stitching the base of the loop with needle and thread. Using your fngers, pull the yarn through the frst loop to create a second loop. Pull the yarn through the second loop to make a third loop and continue until you have a long chain of 20mm yarn.

Step 2.
When your chain is about a metre long, stop without breaking the yarn. Stitch or tie one end of the 5mm yarn through the frst loop of the chain and begin coiling the chain up on itself. Pass the other end of the 5mm yarn through the third loop, then through the frst loop again, to start stitching the chain into a circle. You might find it helpful to wrap the leading end of the 5mm yarn in masking tape to make a ‘needle’ to pass through the loops. Coil the chain a little more and stitch through the ffth loop and back through the frst loop. Continue coiling the chain and stitching with the 5mm yarn through every second loop, attaching it to the outer edge of the previous round.

Step 3.
Work another metre of chain, then continue coiling and stitching. Keep going until the pad fts your chair. Finish by pulling the ends of both yarns through the final loop of the chain. Cut the tails of the yarn and weave them into the back of the pad. Do the same with the tails at the beginning of the coil.

Photography Lisa Cohen | Styling Indianna Foord

Chunky woollen knit light shade, POA, from .