Add flutters of colour and texture to your home with gorgeous paper flowers. String them on fishing wire, secure with pins to fabric or curtains; you could even add them to your clothing as a brooch.

Look for unique coloured paper and textures for amazing results.

What you will need

  • Tissue paper
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Rings (we used Swarovski ‘chic pink’ ring [pink stones]; Peeptoe enamel ring [square]; Peeptoe Swarovski crystal ring [swirls]; Hollywood Style ring [wide band]; Diva [flower]

Select how many layers of tissue paper you want – we recommend 5-7.

Cut through the layers of paper to create a rectangle approx 30cm x 15cm.

Fold the entire rectangle of layers into an accordion with pleats approx 2cm wide.

Close the accordion and thread ring into the centre.

Let the paper fan out at each end.

Glue the open sides together (this will create a closed circle shape with ring in centre).

Allow to dry for five minutes.

Carefully pry the top layer of tissue paper upward- Scrunch top layer toward the centre one pleat at a time.

Repeat above (one layer at a time until all layers are scrunched).

You now have a beautiful flower decoration.