Adding a handmade touch to the dinner table is a thoughtful gesture that shows you care – not to mention elevates a humble dish to something much more special. Embellish your exisiting napkins or start from scratch with this easy and elegant DIY project.

What you will need:

  • cotton or linen table napkins
  • pieces of vintage or new lace edging
  • narrow lace or satin ribbon (optional)
  • scissors and sewing supplies
  • sewing machine and thread
  • iron and ironing board

Step by step:

1. Unfold a napkin and measure the edge. Cut lace edging to size. You could apply lace to just one side edge, or add it as a border all the way around the napkin.

NOTE Lace edging may come with the upper edge finished or unfinished. If it’s pre-finished, you can sew the lace straight on to the napkin; if it’s unfinished, either press and turn a narrow hem, or appliqué a narrow ribbon over the raw edge as you apply the lace.

2. Pin the lace along the edge of the napkin, matching the upper edge of the lace with the hemline of the napkin. Machine-stitch it in place. Press.

MAKE YOUR OWN You can fashion your own napkins from fine linen or cotton fabric. Cut the fabric 3cm bigger than the finished size you want, and turn over a double 12mm hem on all sides.

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