You will need:

  • wax
  • beeswax
  • hardener
  • wicks
  • metal wick holders (from craft stores such as Stacks of Wax)
  • candy thermometer
  • old saucepan
  • tray
  • foil
  • candle holders

Step by step:

1. Place wax into a large saucepan over low heat. Don’t allow wax temperature to exceed 90ÂșC or to smoke. Use a candy thermometer to check wax temperature. Melt the hardener and beeswax (use 1 part of each to 10 parts wax) in a separate saucepan. Add beeswax mixture to melted wax. Add dye, if desirable. Remove wax from heat. To add a scent, stir in about 40 drops of oil-based essence (the exact amount will depend on the intensity of the scent and your own preference).

2. Place wick into a metal wick holder and use small metal pliers to clamp closed to secure. Place in base of candle holder (glass, cup or mould). Alternatively, use a small amount of melted wax to secure wick in centre of candle holder. To centre wick in a votive, tie wick around a pencil or skewer and place across the top so it is taut.

3. Place candle holders on to a foil-covered tray. Pour melted wax into candle holders, stopping 2-3cm from the top. Set aside to harden. If there are any spills or leaks, place candle holder in cold water and allow to cool. Once cooled, remove from water. Add a small amount of wax if the candle has fallen slightly in the centre. Trim wick to 6mm. Store in a cool, dark, dry place. Store tapered candles flat to prevent warping.