Design a versatile leather clutch that will withstand the tests of time.


  • 23.5cm x 46xm piece of leather
  • 105cm leather thong


  • Craft knife
  • Metal ruler
  • Cutting mat
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Sewing machine with heavy-duty needle and strong thread (see Tip)
  • Leather punch
  • Mallet

[skill level: easy]

No special craft skills required.


  1. Lay the leather right-side down on a cutting mat with the shorter side towards you and measure 16cm from the bottom edge. Use scissors to score a fold line across the leather at this point. Measure another 16cm from the fold line and score another line.
  2. To make the curved corners, draw the shape on the inside of one of the top corners. (Trace around a small plate or coffee cup). When you are happy with the curve, cut it out using a craft knife and fold the leather over to trace the shape for the other corner. Note: skip this step if you prefer a square corner.
  3. Fold the bottom part of the leather along the scored line and press under a heavy weight for a couple of hours. Sew up the side edges of the pouch using a sewing machine and heavy-duty needle.
  4. On the inside of the flap, find the middle of the top edge and mark a point for a hole about 4cm in from the edge. Mark another point about 2cm from the first one. Use a leather punch and mallet to make a hole sized slightly bigger than the thickness of the thong at each of the marked points.
  5. Knot one end of the leather thong and thread it through the holes as shown in the picture. Wrap it around the pouch to secure.

TIP Ask a tailor or shoe repairer to stitch the side seams for you.

NOTE If you love the look but don’t like the idea of using animal skin, look for alternatives such as leatherette, bicast leather (vegan leather), ocean leather (made from kelp) or vinyl.