It’s the little things that make a home. Rowena Jongejan, co-owner of family-run cleaning business , shares how they’ve built a reputation by focusing on exactly that.

WHEN YOU’RE INVITED INTO SOMEONE’S HOME, YOU’RE IN THEIR PERSONAL SPACE SO THAT QUICKLY OPENS UP A CLOSENESS AND EXPOSES A LOT ABOUT A PERSON. We always treat this invitation as a privilege and, over time, customers see that we genuinely care. We know that a customer’s home is their sanctuary, so trust is truly what we base our relationships on and people treat us like family in return, too.

MANY OF OUR CUSTOMERS HAVE BEEN WITH US FOR YEARS. My husband, Joey, started cleaning for Mrs Wheeler way back in 1994 and we still have half a dozen clients from that time. Mrs Wheeler has moved houses a few times since then, but our family still works for her to this day and enjoys seeing the sparkle in her eyes when our mother, Jan, bakes her favourite dessert, apple crumble.

WE WHOLEHEARTEDLY BELIEVE THAT THE LITTLE THINGS ARE THE BIG THINGS. We go to great lengths to train our crews to not only do the cleaning to the highest standard, but to also focus on the little details that customers really appreciate. Things like grouping the ornaments back nicely, creating a beautiful coffee table stack, rolling the bath towels, folding the toilet paper, replacing the vase water, watering the pot plants, polishing the door knobs and tiding the pantry. We’ve even alphabetised the spice rack for one of our customers.

WE LOVE TO SURPRISE OUR CUSTOMERS WITH LITTLE GIFTS THEY CAN ENJOY IN THEIR HOME. Recently we hand-delivered potted succulents to our customers all over Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Every week, our customer service team also choose any customers who they feel are deserving of a little gift. Just because. These aren’t just sent to our raving customers. These are sent to customers who we know may be struggling, or to the people who just go over and above for others (like the lovely lady who paid for six months of weekly cleans for her friend who is undergoing treatment for breast cancer), or to our wonderful new mums out there who deserve that little extra pampering. We get a kick out of surprising our customers.

EVERYONE DESERVES TO HAVE A SAFE AND COMFORTABLE PLACE THAT RE-ENERGISES AND INSPIRES THEM TO EMBRACE LIFE. Taking a little time out to plan and organise our home life, to tidy, clean and get everything in order, generates a positive energy and sense of control. This simple habit can lead to a much happier and greater quality of life.

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