When you want your home to smell fresh, clean and inviting – but you just don’t have time to do a full spring clean – linen spray is the answer. You can spritz the sweet-scented spray on almost anything to give it a fresh lease on life – soft furnishings, bed linen, clothing, rugs – and your home will feel cleaner immediately.

Even better news? Linen water is incredibly easy to make at home – just follow the instructions below.


  • 30 drops essential oil (we love lemon, lavender or rose hip. You can also use a blend of two oils)
  • 1.5 cups distilled water
  • 90mL vodka


1. Mix water and vodka in a jar, add lid and shake to combine.
2. Add oil and shake again until all ingredients are combined.
3. Using a funnel, pour into a spray bottle. You’re done!