Your Christmas table doesn’t have to be a fussy affair — in fact, we’re big believers that the company should take centre stage, even over the food (controversial, we know). Instead of going all-out with styling, we suggest sticking to a neutral palette and adding interest via texture.

1. A variety of blooms, mixed ceramics and distressed cutlery — it might seem like this setting wouldn’t work, but the mismatching totally makes sense.

2. When mixing textures, try to stick to the one colour scheme, like we’ve done here, with shades of blue.

3. Think outside the box when styling. Here, we’ve used artichokes as a centrepiece. You could use a giant bowl of cherries (perfect for mid-course snacking) or even a row of pineapples!

4. You may not have room to hang a fabric menu like the one below, but you can certainly take inspiration from it. Hang a menu from your verandah or even on the wall of your kitchen. Again, it doesn’t have to be fancy — rustic and homemade is what we’re all about.

5. Mixing materials and patterns is a good way to get to know your own style.

6. Give us a home among the orange trees: If you’re setting up outside, choose an area with shade, like we’ve done below.

7. Fun fact: nobody has 12 matching chairs. Go with it.